Matt Penberthy of Combat Veterans Outdoors along with his trusty companion Bella started their hike of 230.8 miles on the Ozark Trail.


Jared Burke Foundation along with Hunting for Hope are sponsoring Matt on his adventure to raise awareness of PTSD, TBI and the high suicide rate among Combat Veterans.


Mark OLaughlin Corey Menkhaus, Brett Schuessler, Nick Jondro, Ike M Ensey III met at the trail head near Onondaga State Park to see him off!


Everyone needs to be aware of what our Veterans go through with this silent demon

Matt Penberthy hike for awareness

It is because of you that those of us at Jared Burke Foundation get to do these wonderful

things for others.

At our 2017 benefit, we had over 500 amazing people show up at the Germantown American Legion to support what we do.


Thank you all who donated item for raffles, auctions, and prizes. And thank you to all who attended. It wouldn't be possible without all of you!

3rd Annual Jared Burke Foundation Benefit

Veterans Snow Goose Hunt

Snow Goose hunting with veterans Chip Jost, Kevin Carman, Matt Penberthy and Tyler Hodges along with Show Me Snow Geese.


Through this I learned a lot about the guys and more about the conditions they suffer from - PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and TBI ( traumatic brain injury).

Thank you for your service gentlemen!

Montana Antelope Hunt

This was an exciting hunt with CPL Justin McLoud who was injured while serving in Afghanistan with Marine Corps 3rd Battalion 5th Regiment - Dark Horse. The region where they patrolled was the Sangin Valley "Green Zone" in the Helmand Province.

This Battalion had more casualties than any other battalion in the wars on terror. With over 200 casualties, they lost 25 Marines during the course of their deployment from October 2010 to March of 2011. Semper Fidelis Marines!


Special thanks to the Wes Sargent Lydia Sargent and at Sargent Ranches for an excellent Antelope hunt; Lloyd Johnson and Otto Stenberg for another awesome time at Specimen Creek Outfitters; Rowdy Yates - Colt Yates of Shooting Star Ranches for the fishing excursion;

Nick Jondro of Jondro Studios for capturing this trip on video and Brett Schuessler for escorting your Marine brother Justin on this hunt.

God bless everyone who made this possible through donations and hard work.

Montana Elk/Mule Deer Hunt

Michael"Skippy" Berndsen's elk/mule deer hunt at Specimen Creek Outfitters in Gardiner Montana.


We had a fantastic time and were proud to have Hannah's dad on this hunt! Here's to you Hannah you're an angel to us all!


Special thanks to Nick Jondro - Jondro Studios, Otto Stenberg and Lloyd Johnson of Specimen Creek Outfitters and all the folks who made this possible! God bless!

First Joshua Toennies Memorial Golf Scramble at Bent Oak Golf Course in Breese, Illinois.

Josh was an avid outdoorsman who tragically lost his life in 205. He enjoyed fishing, turkey & deer hunting, and spending time with his friends and family.

He is greatly missed.

Joshua Toennies Memorial Golf Tournament

In 2016 JBF acquired a hunt through a banquet fundraiser for Safari Club International and gave

Connor Nicklin the opportunity to hunt Fallow Deer at High Adventure Ranch in Cook Station, MO.


What a great time we had! Connor never lets things get him down and he was all in putting a great shot on a beautiful Fallow Deer. Congratulations on the successful hunt buddy! Your reaction after the shot says it all!


I would also like to thank the folks at High Adventure Ranch - Jeremy Sutton for guiding this hunt, Monty Pitts for another great trip and Dora Pitts for making our meals with her great staff in the kitchen and Nick Jondro from Jondro Studios for the great videos!


Thanks to everyone for the support which makes these trips possible! The smiles and reactions say it all!

Fallow Deer Hunt

Another great time at High Adventure Ranch with Ryker Tebbe and his dad Cliff. Ryker took a very nice bull after stalking and finally getting within 70 yds.....he put a great shot on it!


Special thanks to our guide Jeremy Sutton for working his tail off to find this elk for Ryker. A very Special Thanks to Dora Pitts and her two fantastic helpers that went the extra mile in making Rykers special meals! That was really a very special thing for us to experience!

Last but not least, I want to thank the management at High Adventure Ranch and Monty Pitts for always working with us to ensure our hunters have the time of their life! You never disappoint! God bless and thanks to all our supporters! By the way Ryker picked out the theme song - good choice!

Missouri Elk Hunt

 We had the opportunity to take three hunters out to Dave Jondro's hunting club in Carlyle, Illinois.


Our hunters got a chance to learn wing shooting and had the opportunity to meet and interact with the wounded warriors from Camp Valor.

We had a great time, good food, and a chance to make new friends.

Thank you Dave Jondro and Nick Jondro.

Dove Hunt at The Jondarosa

 Hog Hunt at Dakel Hog Hunts in Southern MO.


We had the opportunity to take out four individuals on this adventure, two adults and two youth hunters: Todd Johnson, Jim Loepker, Colton Potts, and Connor Nicklin.

Thanks to all that went along to make this a fun time for the hunters.


This video is also dedicated to the memory of Patrick O'Laughlin who helped on this hunt - God bless!!

Missouri Hog Hunt

 Jared Burke Foundation and Community Link's First Step Program Lake Day at Carlyle Lake.

A fun filled day of fishing at West Access Marina,

rides in JBF's new track chair, Carlyle Lake pontoon boat rides courtesy of Dam West Pontoon Rentals, bubbles, lunch, and prizes from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers!

A special thanks to the many many volunteers who made this special day possible

Community Link day at Carlyle Lake


Another fantastic hunt with Dillon Albers at T and C Wildlife in Arcadia Kansas. Dillon is such a treat to hunt with because he always keeps it interesting.


Thanks to Nick Jondro of Jondro Studios for another great video! Also thanks to the folks at T and C Wildlife for their support. Jared Burke Foundation's Ken Pierson, and Rick Albers, Dillon's dad, accompanied Dillon on the hunt!


Another "Outdoor Adventure turned into a Lifetime Memory"! Love this stuff!

Turkey Hunt in Southeast Kansas


What a great time with the Schultes! The crawfish boil bought by Greg Schulte and Jordan Kreke at the Jared Burke Foundation was a great opportunity to Shoot for Brian! Thanks to BJ Robert for the crawfish donation! AJ Warneke donated the use of his .50 Cal Barrett and ammo. $10 a shot with proceeds going to Brian's Battle with ALS. AJ also had his super smoker out, so we smoked the hogs Brian killed on his hunt with JBF in Texas!


We lost Brian on Nov 12th, 2016. He was an avid outdoors man enjoying deer and turkey hunting, fishing, spending time at the Schulte Clubhouse.

Brian was the recipient for the first ever Jared

Burke Foundation hunt at Overstreet's Ranch in Livingston Texas.

The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to express our most profound and sincere

condolences to Kris, Justine, Andrew and the entire Schulte and Foppe families! He will be missed badly! God bless you all!

Shoot for Brian - ALS

Cannot say enough about Specimen Creek Outfitters!


After a long drive to Gardiner, Montana, Lloyd Johnson, his Daughter Lydia and husband Wes Sargent along with Otto Stenberg and Colton Kinsey provided a great experience for Rick Albers on our most recent Elk and Mule deer hunt through the Jared Burke Foundation. 


Thanks again for making us all feel like family! You all are the best!

Montana Elk Hunt

Another great time down in the bayou with Tom O'Brien and our great friends Tom Candies, Becky Truxillo, Cory Loggins,

and their friends Dominic and Fido!

Ya'll took this outdoor adventure and turned it into a lifetime memory for Tom O'Brien......great times!


Thanks everyone for the support, and check out Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center where you can find Tom doing his volunteer work for the disabled.

God Bless his daughter Beth - his inspiration!!

 Alligator Hunt

Congratulations to Tyler Brown on taking a female Red Stag at High Adventure Ranch in Cook Station Missouri.

What a great time with this young man as he takes the first animal of his new hunting career. What a joy to be a part of this experience and to see his reaction after he takes his shot!


Thanks to Jondro Studios for coming along on this hunt and taking the video footage.......another Outdoor Adventure turned into a Lifetime Memory!!

God Bless Another successful

Jared Burke Foundation Hunt!

Red Stag Hunt

Our new friend Neil Hayden took his VERY first deer with an excellent shot. This is a very nice 14 point buck!


This occasion was made extra special by the bonding time Neil got to have with his brother who also hunted on this trip.

Thank you to the crew out at Starkey Hollow.

They hang their hat on making dreams come true: adults, kids, men, women, ANYONE!


We will continue to do our part at Jared Burke Foundation to fulfill dreams and create irreplaceable memories!

Starkey Hollow Deer Hunt

 The Inaugural Jared Burke Foundation hunt with Brian Schulte. Brian is an avid outdoorsman and owned Brian's Taxidermy in Breese, IL. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Many thanks to Carla Edwards, Charles Edwards, Sam Overstreet and family for the chance to get Brian down to Livingston, Texas for this hunt! Your generosity and hospitality will be remembered forever! Also a big shout out to Nick Jondro and Jondro Studios for compiling the footage into this lasting memory!

Everyone please consider a donation to Brian's Battle  or to the ALS Organization as they strive to find a cure for this horrible debilitating disease! This wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of all those that attended our banquet or donated to us throughout the year!

God bless you all!

Brian's Battle Hog Hunt

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